Synthetic opal is produced in the laboratory and it has the similar structure to natural opal.  In this website, we mainly talk about the Synthetic Opal (Polymer Impregnated).

Chemical Composition: SiO2.nH2O+Resin (Natural:SiO2.nH2O)
Hardness: 4 (Natural: 5.5)
Specific Gravity: 1.80-1.90 (Natural:1.98-2.20)
Heat Resistance: 130 degree C.(Natural:100 degree C.)

               Synthetic opal has brighter colors, and larger color patches than in natural opal. In synthetic opal, color grain boundaries are highly irregular. Also, it has a distinctive pattern and it shows a more ordered array of colors because the intricate pattern of natural opal cannot be duplicated.

                Those are actually opals, but the normal process of nature has been sped up so what occurs over millions of years, and now occurs in a laboratory in months or years.

               Synthetic opal is impregnated in laboratory with the similar structure of opal.

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